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The Greater LA and Coastal Cities Association of Churches has developed a paradigm system in an effort to increase effectiveness and number of church plants and to enhance their opportunities to succeed. The standards include:

1. Intentional Prayer Support - Church planters regularly share          their prayer requests.
2. Recruitment - The Church Planting Recruit/Assess Team works      with a team of strategists to develop significant partnerships.
3. Assessment - Experienced Church Planters and Consultants            provide an Intensive assessment process to assist in                        determining gifts and skills.
4. Intensive Orientation - Church Planters completing our basic          training are formed into peer groups known as Church                    Planter Networks (CPN).
5. On-Going Training - Practical, hands-on workshops bring                Church Planters together for continued learning.
6. Mentoring - Trained and experienced pastors meet regularly          with the Church Planters to provide support, accountability            and personal development. 
7. Resourcing - The Greater LA and Coastal Cities Association of          Churches, along with the California Baptist Convention and            NAMB cooperate to provide a wide range of assistance.
8. Support Teams - The Greater LA and Coastal Cities of Churches      has a wide array of support team who are ready to assist and        help. 




The Greater LA and Coastal Cities Association of Churches statistics show that “Only 17% of our population attends church”; 82% of the West Los Angeles population can't tell you how to become a Christian; and, as a result, 8 out of 10 People, if they died tonight, would spend eternity in hell.  That is the reality that we are battling every day here in West Los Angeles.

We are seeking volunteers who have a passion and a heart to reach out to our lost City of Los Angeles. We desperately need help.



  • Back Yard Bible Clubs

  • Office Work

  • Specialized Ministries

  • Street Performers

  • Music Teams

  • Field Study Analysis 

  • Beach Ministries

  • City Park Ministries

  • Drama Teams

  • Witnessing Specialists

  • Computer Processing

  • Financial Partnerships

  • Door-To-Door Witnessing

  • Door-To-Door Surveys

  • Prayer Walking

  • VBS (Vacation Bible School)

  • Sports Camps

  • Church Planting Support

  • Language Focus Groups

  • Acts Of Kindness Ministries

  • Construction Teams

  • Children & Youth Ministries


Online giving is an opportunity for churches who call Greater LA and Coastal Cities Association of Churches their Association to give through the convenience of online bank transfer. Through online giving, you may give to the church's General Fund, Building Fund, Benevolence Fund, by either bank account transfer either single or recurring transfers. 

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